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An Innovation in Robotic Spine Surgery
Image-guided robot co-invented by Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Nicholas Theodore could improve the precision of screw placement, making surgeries more efficient and safe.
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A New Institute to Transform Stroke Care
Based at Johns Hopkins with a second location in Abu Dhabi, the Sheikh Khalifa Stroke Institute will focus on advances in engineering, artificial intelligence and precision medicine to better diagnose, treat and restore function to stroke patients globally.
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Johns Hopkins Experts Use New Tech to Help Distinguish Stroke from Inner Ear Conditions
Clinicians at The Johns Hopkins Hospital examine patients using video-oculography goggles, and, via a telemedicine approach, neurologists David Newman-Toker and Daniel Gold decipher results.
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Video Case Presentation: Brachytherapy for Recurrent Brain Metastasis
Watch as neurosurgeon Michael Lim, director of the Johns Hopkins Metastatic Brain Tumor Center, discusses the case of a female patient with metastatic brain cancer. Lim ultimately treated the patient with surgery to resect the tumor and inserted brachytherapy radiation seeds.
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Multidisciplinary Center for Children with Complex Craniofacial Conditions
At Johns Hopkins’ Pediatric Cranial Reconstruction Center, a team of experts use low-dose computed tomography scanners interfaced with 3‑D cameras to virtually plan surgical procedures and provide the most appropriate and safest care.
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